Album cover art for Van Morrison with black vinyl record popping outUnable to tour in 2020, Van Morrison remained busy by immersing himself in songwriting. While he continues to mine his ongoing love of blues, soul, R&B and jazz, the subject matter within many of these new songs reflect what’s going on around him.

His views on social media are summed up on Why Are You On Facebook?, while on Dead Beat Saturday Night he addresses the frustrations of lockdown: no life, no gigs, no choice, no voice. Two songs – Love Should Come With A Warning and Mistaken Identity – could be autobiographical, featuring lyrics written by award-winning English lyricist Don Black.

While the album will connect with long-time fans, Morrison’s willingness to comment on contemporary issues may see him tap into a wider audience.

Latest Record Project Vol 1 by Van Morrison is out May 7 via BMG.

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