Stranger Things OST album coverUnlike previous seasons, which addressed late-last-century-via-suburban malaise (Season 1) and teenage found-families (Season 2), Stranger Things: Season 3 goes big on American excess.

The mall hasn’t just come to America, it’s become America, and suddenly everybody’s a Material Girl. Hence the inclusion of Madonna’s paean to corporate pragmatism. “[Material things] last longer than emotions,” Madonna told Company Magazine in 1986. There’s a bitterness in how greedily America celebrates itself throughout Stranger Things Season 3, with the cast truly believing, as Howard Jones sings here, that Things Can Only Get Better.

This soundtrack unearths a time capsule of national self-confidence and wonder, available for infinitely repeated viewings, a NeverEnding Story, if you want it to be.

Stranger Things: Season 3 OST is out now on vinyl and CD via Sony.

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