Album cover artwork for Vika & Linda with clear vinyl record popping outThe waiting is the hardest part. And there’s no doubt that Vika & Linda fans have been patiently waiting – this is the sisters’ first album of original material in 19 years.

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As Vika Bull notes in the epic first single, My Heart Is In The Wrong Place, “things don’t always turn out like you planned”.

But sometimes everything goes right. There’s a Japanese proverb: If you wait long enough, it will be good weather. But this is the sound of two women taking control of their careers and refusing to play it safe. “I think it’s time to lob a hand grenade,” Linda sings. The result is as close to perfect as any record you’ll ever hear.

Vika & Linda didn’t write any of the songs on the album, but they make every word their own. It’s their story. Their struggle. “I’m not the same girl singing the same song,” Linda states simply in the beautiful but powerful Not The Same Girl, while Vika sings: “You gotta hold on, you gotta believe.”

The Bull sisters have also been patiently waiting. Fixtures of the Australian music scene for more than three decades, they now well and truly take centre stage after being 20 Feet from Stardom. “I won’t back down, this is my world now,” Linda declares in Raise Your Hand. It’s no idle boast, just a statement of fact. Their time is now. The Wait is the album of the year.

The Wait by Vika & Linda is out Sep 17 via Bloodlines.

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