Wagons Songs From The Aaftermath packshotSongs From The Aftermath, Wagons’ first album in five years, is a strange beast.

Adventurous and unpredictable, it opens with a hypnotic track called Keep On Coming Back – which could almost be an alt-country dance track – and it concludes with Henry Wagons singing: “Is this the end? It’s been so good knowin’ ya.” In between is a record of remarkable depth, a potent mix of menace, mirth and melodrama, part cosmic country, part crooner. “It’s my life,” Wagons sings, “and I’ll do it when I want to.”

Henry Wagons will have you thinking of Leonard Cohen, Neil Diamond and Warren Zevon, before you realise that he’s like no one else.

Songs From The Aftermath by Wagons is out August 23 via Spunk.

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