Weezer albumPicture this: Rivers Cuomo in a Hawaiian shirt, piña colada in hand, singing songs on a beach at the end of the world.

The Californian group’s 11th studio album started off, in planning, as the elusive The Black Album (as described by Cuomo during interviews for 2016’s The White Album), but somewhere along the way it became a little more tropical and Pacific Daydream was born. While the vibe has definitely shifted from its Grammy-nominated preceder, Pacific Daydream is still undoubtedly a Weezer record – led, as ever, by Cuomo’s songwriting knack. There are feel-good moments throughout the 10-track effort, whether it‘s Beach Boys’ plucky, throwback bass, the nonchalant whistling harmonies on Feels Like Summer or the ridiculousness of the timpani and guiro that ring out through Sweet Mary.

On the surface, Weezer have created a cloudless, upbeat record, but further listening leaves you wondering what the quartet are trying to escape from. Happy Hour offers some bleak context: “I need Happy Hour/ On sad days,” Cuomo hums. “I think I can stay here for the rest of my life/ Please don’t make me go home.” They say every holiday has to come to an end eventually; at least we will have Weezer forever.

Pacific Daydream is out October 27 via Warner.

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