Winston Surfshirt AlbumSydney six-piece Winston Surfshirt sound way more seasoned than they should on their debut; they do use synths to create atmospheric texture, but it’s also the warmth and cuddle of unflappable horns around squidgy bass, creaky raps and ruminative vocal melodies, delivered with a keep-on-truckin’ stride.

Sometimes the beats are wonky and weird with breathy raps sitting back on the beat. Elsewhere you get a jazzy Rhodes doing space-faced trundles up the keyboard, aerial Prince-like vocals, nonchalant deep trombone, and vibraphone that sounds like bright boiled candies falling into a dish, all laid against J Dilla-esque beats. Marvellous stuff from the BIGSOUND stand-outs.

Sponge Cake is out September 29 via Sweat It Out!/Warner

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