Vinyl album cover artwork for NIL by Wolf & CubKeep a keen eye on the speedometer when listening to Wolf & Cub’s fourth album while driving, ’cause this one’s majority pedal-to-the-metal riff’n’roll with ultra-propulsive drumming (new member Jonathan Boulet is a beast on the kit).

Named after the project that frontman Joel Byrne and bassist Wade Keighran started with Boulet after Wolf & Cub’s OG drummer left the band, Witch Trials brings maximum brutality. Lead single Blue State boasts swag plus cowbell and Close To The Edge edges toward QOTSA (especially those “whoo-oo-oo” harmonies).

NIL is the sound of Wolf & Cub giving exactly nil f-cks about where they sit within the current musical landscape, instead just spewing forth authenticity, unapologetic heaviness and general badassery. We’re here for it.

NIL by Wolf & Cub is out now via Part Time Records/Remote Control.

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