Today marked the launch of Our Soundtrack Our Stories, an initiative which comes with a hell of a lot of noise for our awesome homegrown artists. Following the announcement that Coles has become the latest corporate giant to up their local music quotas – heeding NSW recording artist/newly crowned Badass-Activist-Boss-Lady Jack River’s open letter, which she posted on Insta last week – Team STACK felt compelled to create an all-Australian, grocery-referencing playlist.

Coles Radio is not only played in all Coles supermarkets, it’s also the #1 commercial digital radio station in this country – that’s some huge exposure! And God knows our homegrown talent need as much love as we can possibly throw their way right now!

Please enjoy our song selections, which have been lovingly separated into categories designed for targeted listening in specific supermarket aisles/sections.

Click here for the full YouTube playlist!


Jack River and Peking Duk, Sugar

WA WA NEE, Sugar Free


PNAU, Wild Strawberries

Wolfmother, Apple Tree
INXS, We Are The Vegetables
Crowded House (formed in Melbourne, we’re claiming them!), Pineapple Head
The Wiggles, Hot Potato
Pollyanna, Lemonsuck


You Am I, Mr Milk

Donny Benet, Mr Experience (he details cooking up eggs “real nice” for his lover within the lyrics).


The Whitlams, I Make Hamburgers

Courtney Barnett, Sunday Roast
Paul Kelly, How To Make Gravy


King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Fishing For Fishies

D.D. Dumbo, Oyster
Peter Combe, Chish And Fips
Slim Dusty, A Bad Day’s Fishing
The Herd, Scallops


Men At Work, Down Under

Dope Lemon, Salt & Pepper


Little Red, Coca Cola

Beargarden, Drink Drink Drink
Headless Chickens, Juice


Mental As Anything, Let’s Cook


On 28 July, Jack River (AKA Holly Rankin) posted an open letter on Insta after she noticed not enough Australian songs were getting a spin during Channel 7’s Tokyo Olympics coverage. After noting this observation, she added: “And while we’re here, how good would it be to hear Aussie music in Coles, Woolies, Aldi, in banks, on hold, in stores and on ads being shown to Australians for the next few months?! We need you now more than ever. We wanna be your soundtrack.”

Amen, sister! Then, thanks to some savvy tagging (Sportsbet, Optus, Telstra – all big television advertisers – plus media heavyweights Karl Stefanovic, Brooke Boney, Lisa Wilkinson and Carrie Bickmore, channels 7 and 9, the AFL and NRL – you go, social media slayer!), Rankin’s post quickly attracted the attention of Channel 7 journalist Edwina Bartholomew, who responded: “Hey @jack_river, we have heard your call. We are going to pump up the Aussie music content in the arvos in @7olympics. Send us all your requests.”

And it doesn’t end there: Rankin’s open letter basically went viral and has since also inspired Channel 9, 7-Eleven, Bank Australia and Coles to play more local content.

Picking up Jack River’s baton, Our Soundtrack Our Stories – an official initiative that urges this country’s corporate sector to “soundtrack Australian lives with Australian music” – launched today.

Get involved and join the movement by sharing these social assets , checking out this factsheet to learn more on how to support, following @OurSoundtrackOurStories on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, and use the #OurSoundtrackOurStories hashtag.