There was a time when the Backstreet Boys were so popular that they could fart on a record and it’d still be a smash hit. Really!

The band’s AJ McLean has let rip in an interview with Billboard about how Howie, well, let rip in the studio while they were working on Black & Blue track The Call. Apparently his emission was not only in beat, but also in tune with the song, so mega-producer Max Martin sampled it and turned it into one of his renowned bass sounds for the track.

Hopefully the story’s true and AJ isn’t just full of wind.

“So, Howie was in the booth and we were doing that vocal break down, ‘dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun,'” McLean declared. ‘Max gave Howie his harmony, and I think he was just putting so much air into the vocal that as he was singing, he went ‘dun, dun’ and he farted – but he farted not only on the beat, but in key. So Max tweaked it and made it sound like one of his patented bass sounds, and it stayed on the record. Howie’s fart became an instrument and is on the record for the rest of our lives. Max could turn a fart into a bass sound, that’s pretty damn genius if you ask me.”

There you go. You’ve had fat beats, now have some fart beats – here’s the track in all of its alleged brown note-infused glory…

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