Perth muso Dan Cribb isn’t just a fan of The Simpsons, his loyalty to the town of Springfield borders on frightening. Now, his aim to pay tribute to all the songs from the show – and we mean ALL the songs – has come together in one perfectly cromulent package.

Yes, the project is truly epic, and has taken up some two years of Dan’s life when it was supposed to only take one. What’s its name? That name again – even though we haven’t mentioned it yet – is Mr Worst Tribute Ever. D’oh! We mean Worst Tribute Ever, with no nominated gendering.

To celebrate its completion, Dan has released its final track So Long, Stink Town! A Simpsons Medley, featuring 49 guests across 33 songs that will be familiar to any Simpsonsmaholic. If that’s not enough, the video is crammed (or, in some scenes, Krammed) with nods to the show. We won’t spoil any surprises, except for dropping one word: onion.

Then there are Adam Stiffy’s fabtabulous interpretive dance moments.

When we say guests, we mean all sorts of ace Aussie talent, from Alex Lahey and Ecca Vandal, through to Montaigne and even Guy Incognit- erm, Sebastian.

During the meanwhile, here’s that vid:

Simpsons, meet The Simpsons at JB Hi-Fi. Well, get the shows, you can’t really meet cartoon characters, that would be crazy talk!