It’s been almost two years since Muse’s Drones album. That’s around 24 dog years with no new stuff. Lazy buggers!

Good news, however, is that the great beast that is Muse is stirring. In two senses of the word, judging by a mere nine-second teaser video labelled ‘BTS’ that they’ve just released on YouTube…

So, ‘BTS’? Is it some cryptic tease for a new song or album title? We’re guessing nope, just an abbreviation of ‘behind the scenes’, of what appears to be some sort of 1980s styled futuristic vision, complete with shiny silver visors.

Muse aren’t ones for sitting still musically, so after a return to more straightforward instrumentation on the conceptual Drones, who knows what we’re in for next? Have they been swallowing Kraftwerk pills? Freebasing Vangelis? Injecting Queen?

Ultimately, the only facts that we have currently are that Muse are planning to do something this year – even if that’s just headlining the UK’s Reading and Leeds Festivals, which they confirmed last December.