Everybody says that Dave Grohl is one of the coolest guys in rock – and he just keeps on doing stuff to prove it.

At a Foo Fighters gig in Washington late last week, Dave noticed a fan backstage on crutches, Alternative Press reports. He got his orthopaedic guy (yes, Dave has an orthopaedic guy) to have a chat with her, and he advised her that she needed a shoe to help the whole deal heal.

Cue knight in shining high-tops Dave, who personally fetched one of his sneakers from the dressing room to help Sabryn out!

From playing with a broken leg or getting little kids up on stage, to charity gigs, dedicating songs to stricken miners, putting on free gigs and beyond, we reckon the guy should be put up for sainthood. Saint Dave has a really cool ring to it… of course.

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