As vinyl records continue their phenomenal renaissance, if all goes to plan we’ll soon be able to press our own.

Forget mixtapes or burnt CDs, this machine will allow something a bit more spesh to be created.

Known as the Phonocut, the unit is around the same size as an an average record player, but is actually an analog vinyl lathe. Pop a blank disc on the turntable, feed audio into it, fire up the accompanying app for all of your settings and it will be able to lay down up to around 15 minutes per side. It essentially works just like taping audio did back in the day – or yesterday if you’re also into the cassette renaissance.

As well as the audio creativity the device will offer, there’s also the artwork side of things to consider, with scope for all manner of wild custom art covers.

The device splits the difference between the common 12″ and 7″ vinyl formats to deliver less common 10″ sized platters, which play just like the ones you buy in stores that came from super-exxy pressing plants.

Not that this little puppy is set to be some el cheapo affair. Launching on Kickstarter shortly with a hoped release of late 2020, the cost of adding a Phonocut to your gizmo collection will be €999 – about $1600 in Aussie bucks at the time of typing.