It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the golden geese of music were laying 24K cackleberries during one particular decade: the ‘90s, which had it all in bucket(hat)s. Today we look at the best of film soundtracks!

Did you forget the giant cache of brilliant film soundtracks released during this decade? Allow us to remind you: there was the moody grind of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet, the hipster paradise of Empire Records, the skulking melodrama of Batman Forever, the industrially propulsive Trainspotting, and of course that jewel in the crown: the perennially awesome surf-rock-soul of Pulp Fiction.


Neil Diamond, Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon (from Pulp Fiction)

Fatboy Slim, Praise You (from Cruel Intentions)

Coyote Shivers, Sugarhigh (from Empire Records)