There are a few red herrings to Good Boy: their age, vocalist Rian King’s splayed Brissie accent, their good-time shorts ‘n’ caps aesthetic, their doggo-referencing band name.

But the trio are so instinctively talented in the ways of smart, golden-hearted rock that Shirk Life is an awesome surprise from ‘rise to ‘set. Each of the guys has powerful, effective ideas for his instrument; if you isolate guitar, drums or bass in your brain you realise they’re all on their own wee journey, but they’re also in total complementary unison. Armed with this killer approach to musicianship and a real gift for capturing ennui and stinging socio-political commentary, Shirk Life is surely just the beginning of what these Very Good Boys are going to achieve.

Shirk Life is out on vinyl on November 24 via Barely Dressed/Remote Control.

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