flyyingcoloursFlyying Colours fans have been waiting a few moons to hear the band’s debut album – the Melbourne four-piece have two acclaimed EPs under their belt, but Mindfullness elevates the group’s psych-rock even higher.

Tidal waves of gorgeous guitars eddy around frontman Brodie Brümmer’s voice, with warped tremolo a constant fontice piece – particularly in the compelling title track. “It’s what it would feel like, I imagine, when you’re standing on that Eureka Sky Deck and someone hits the button and [the floor] goes clear,” Brümmer says. “You kind of know you’re not going to die, but you’re still standing there.”

He’s attempting to explain the decision behind the track’s chords – there’s a really unexpected inversion in there which puts you off balance – but he says he doesn’t try to deliberately push himself theoretically when writing. “I try and turn all that [music theory] off, otherwise I probably wouldn’t write any songs at all,” he explains. “It starts to really bend my brain. [Theory] can be really helpful if you want a certain feeling… but I find the more simple tunes are always the ones I like the most: the ones that come out naturally, where you’re not searching.”

In that vein, he likes the unpredictability of using tremolo with guitar. “That’s the cool thing, particularly about shoegaze guitar, in general. Every time you play it, it’s going to be different. That’s the nature of the instrument – that’s the difference between a guitar and a synthesizer, I think. It’s intriguing. You never know how to re-create that sound exactly.”

Brümmer’s not afraid of using the word ‘shoegaze’, nor does he dislike the liberal use of it when applied to Flyying Colours, but there has been one instance in which a comparison rattled him. “Placebo. Someone said we sounded like Placebo,” he says. “That f-–ed with my head for days, trying to work out in what element of us this person found Placebo… I could not wrap my head around that one. But [‘shoegaze’] isn’t a dirty word. I like it.”

Flyying Colours are touring in November – check their tour page for details

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