Jamiroquai have hinted at the arrival of their first album in seven years, named Automaton, with a teaser clip that is a mere 22 seconds long.

There’s been no sound from underground for several months, but that’s in tune with the rocky journey the album has taken: In mid-2013 drummer Derrick McKenzie told a reporter that himself, frontman Jay Kay and the rest of the band were hard at it in the studio. Then in May of last year, bassist Paul Turner said they were done with recording and had only the mixing to go, giving a vague, late 2016 release date. That obviously didn’t happen, but now we can presume the album is on a secret release schedule somewhere, possibly slated for March this year (so the rumours go).

It’s also maybe worth noting this clip is marked as ‘transmission 001’, so we’re hoping there are some more clues on the way.

Watch Jay do sci-fi things with a neon headdress on below, and join us in speculation >>