Kaila Buchanan is your cut-and-dried music fiend – a lover of all genres, and also exactly the kind of encouraging mum you want if you’re an eight-year-old who’s just begun violin lessons. “I’m trying to introduce him to some more classical, so he can listen to the violin, listen to the chords, and understand music a little bit better from that end,” Kaila explains of her talented progeny.

But the Buchanan household still reflects Kaila’s wide-ranging approach to all things sound. “We have a Google Home Mini which we play our playlist on every morning,” she says, “and we YouTube a lot of music videos. Billie Eilish is my son’s favourite – Ocean Eyes is one of his favourite songs.” A recent inductee into the WA Instrumental Music School, Kaila’s son also sings in choir and is learning the ropes of his brand new CTX700 keyboard. Look out Billie!

An early addict of alt-rock bands like INXS, Nirvana, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, The Killers and Grinspoon, Kaila’s tastes extend out to the very edges of the musical spectrum: “There’s some classical I really like, some meditation I really like, and then I can go all the way to Urban Grooves, and alternative and popular as well,” she says. “Also musicals –some musicals,” she amends. “Some of them I can handle, some of them I’m like ‘Eeee, that’s enough!‘“ she laughs. “One of the new bands that my coordinator introduced to me is The Chats, the Queensland band. Love ‘em! They’re so relatable.” The other title she’s particularly digging is the Birds Of Prey soundtrack – Sway With Me, Smile and Boss B-tch in particular.

The Armadale clientele themselves are grabbing Eminem’s Music To Be Murdered By and Five Finger Death Punch’s F8 off the shelves of the store, but Kaila also enjoys fulfilling the more challenging requests. “There’s a kid we know who was trying to find Who Let The Dogs Out, and then his carer was looking for AC/DC, so it does vary a lot,” she says. “We’ll try to find something that matches into whatever it is that family prefers.”

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