Well, look at that. Numbers one and two stay true, and the remaining eight positions just did a do-si-do – there isn’t a new entry at all in this week’s vinyl chart, but there’s definitely been some swapping about.

Here it is from 1 to 10, with links to get your paws on ’em >>

1: Ed Sheeran, ÷ (divide)

2: Nirvana, Nevermind

3: Various, Pulp Fiction OST

4: David Bowie, The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust

5: Bob Marley, Legend

6: Jeff Buckley, Grace

7: Guns N’ Roses, Appetite For Destruction

8: The Beatles, Abbey Road 

9: Amy Winehouse, Back To Black

10: Michael Jackson, Thriller

Let’s have a tune from the 11th studio album of those legends The Beatles – here’s George Harrison and friends (Ringo, Elton John, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton) performing Here Comes The Sun.