If you needed a reason to be happy today, this is it.

Jens Lekman’s forthcoming album is only a week away, but that hasn’t stopped the musician from spoiling us with a new single from Life Will See You Now.

The Sweedish popstar’s ability to tell extremely personal stories in the most buddy-esque way has not been wasted for this single, Evening Prayer. The song deals with a friend who has undergone surgery to remove a tumour, and afterwards decided to print the growth out in 3D form; he carries it around in his breast pocket while Lekman describes the difficult time he’s having knowing how to help. What else can Jens do with a story like that, but pin it against a cheerful disco rhythm?

This snappy single is undoubtedly only scratching the surface of how wonderful Lekman’s trademark sad stories doused in upbeat melodies will be on Life Will See You Now – his first album in four years. Until the release, Evening Prayer‘s backing track will not be leaving our minds. Dudududududu, dududu, dududu.

Life Will See You Now is out February 17 via Inertia Music.

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