Following on from their reformation for Summer tour dates with Bruce Springsteen, Jet have been reborn on record, too, with their first two classic albums getting the deluxe reissue treatment.

Due out on November 25, the newly remastered versions of their incendiary debut Get Born (2003) and the platinum selling follow-up Shine One (2006) will be re-released on vinyl and CD, with the latter versions featuring a host of previously unreleased tracks from the respective eras.

Chris Cester, founding member, drummer and songwriter, says of the bonus discs: Once the ball started rolling, things were happening quickly and we needed more songs to round out the set. We only had 13 songs – Get Born basically! It was a wild time, and a really creative period. We had pretty much been high for three years straight! These recordings were lost for years but then re-appeared down the line somehow.”