My name is Sally, and I’m a Belieber. There, I said it.

Now, let me make this very clear – mine and Justin’s ‘relationship’ has not always been in such a positive place. In fact, it’s been a rough and bumpy ride for one of us. There have been real headaches, frustrations and many disappointments along the way.

Here’s how my journey to Belieberdom has played out:

It began in 2010 when my children became obsessed with his first album, My Worlds. I hated it, his music gave me a headache behind my eyes, but I continued to play it in the car for weeks to keep the peace on any expedition (plus it was a refreshing relief from The Wiggles).

Initially – much to my annoyance – I found myself tapping to the beats. This gradually progressed to humming along and eventually being able to recite the young biebz lyrics perfectly… pretty sure I can still belt out Baby on cue from start to finish.

We watched YouTube clips of him singing, playing the drums and busking, which were adorable. He wasn’t much older than my boy and I was genuinely impressed at his musicality at such a young age.

As the world went mental over this kid, he seemed to (for a short while) remain grounded and concentrated on his tunes and live performances. I even felt a little bit proud, bless him.

Then, almost overnight, he became a total dick.

It was so disappointing to see him twat about with such a revolting attitude; I recall it was during the time he went from being a ‘child star’ to an artist. Pissing in buckets, driving like a reckless knob and just generally being a disrespectful brat. Bad form Justin.

Not bothered, we unconsciously ignored him and wiped him off. The children no longer had any interest as One Direction had arrived. In fact, we never really thought about or mentioned him again… until quite recently.

What Do You Mean? came on the radio while I was making dinner. Upon hearing this unknown-but-pretty-damn-decent pop song I grabbed my phone to Shazam it, while bopping around the kitchen: “WTF?… IT’S JUSTIN BIEBER!”

I bought the album. I like the album.

I feel genuine relief that he seems to be coming good, although admittedly still with an unnecessarily nasty attitude at times. I imagine people like me rolling their eyes all over the world at his nonchalant dance routines and the likes. But watching him in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden (below) and other cute sketches properly warms my heart.

For the time being anyway, I belieb.

Do you?

 This post originally appeared December 9, 2015. As of today – March 1, 2017 (his 23rd Birthday) – Sally still ♥’s Justin.