King Gizzard Murder Of The UniverseIn a three-tiered release based around the concept of “the downfall of man and the death of the planet”, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard will launch their new musical offensive in late June.

The prolific seven-piece’s 10th album is titled Murder Of The Universe, and is comprised of three “chapters” titled The Tale Of The Altered Beast, The Lord Of Lightning Vs. Balrog and Han-Tyumi And The Murder Of The Universe. That latter portion is available to view now (see below).

Here’s how frontman Stu McKenzie describes the release:

We’re living in dystopian times that are pretty scary and it’s hard not to reflect that in our music. It’s almost unavoidable. Some scientists predict that the downfall of humanity is just as likely to come at the hands of Artificial Intelligence, as it is war or viruses or climate change. But these are fascinating times too. Human beings are visual creatures – vision is our primary instinct, and this is very much a visual, descriptive, bleak record. While the tone is definitely apocalyptic, it is not necessarily purely a mirror of the current state of humanity. It’s about new non-linear narratives.

You can pre-order Murder Of The Universe from JB on vinyl and CD right this minute, ahead of its official release on June 23.