tenacious d post-apocalyptoJack Black and KG know their strengths: beating the Foo-devil at guitar solos, ordering curly fries, and respectfully engaging in intercourse. Their weaknesses are also very apparent, particularly in the form of earning the clams to pay their rent.

And that’s how the delightful cartoon tale of Post-Apocalypto (their fourth album, and the first since 2012’s Rize Of The Fenix) begins. But small-fry woes are soon obliterated by a very noxious bomb, and after avoiding incineration courtesy of a tough-as-nails 1950s Frigidaire, the duo must find their way – nay, thrive – in this brave new world.

Watch the clip below; there are five others chapters out, which continue the gripping tale.

Post-Apocalypto is out now via Sony.

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