Earlier today the Godfather of Funk, inventor of P-Funk, bandleader of Parliament-Funkadelic and all-round iconoclastic cat George Clinton conducted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ crowd interview on Reddit. Here are the best bits, but the whole thing’s worth a read (there are a couple stories too NSFW to include) here.  Warning: swears included.


He and Bootsy Collins once met a UFO.


He’s a Guardians fan.


Make of this Chilli Peppers’ socks comment what you will.


He ensures his mob get paid.


He asserts he was not responsible for kicking The Funk off the Mothership in 1979, as The Mighty Boosh would have you believe.


He digs Cardi B!




He has a progressive attitude towards the sampling of his music by other artists.


And finally: wow, he is good at puns.