The life and career of Eric Clapton is to be celebrated in a new documentary A Life In 12 Bars.

Directed by Lili Fini Zanuck (Rush), the film promises to be the definitive account of the legendary guitarist, who has provided the filmmakers with access to his personal archive of classic performance clips, behind the scenes footage and more.

A Life In 12 Bars will also feature extensive interviews with Clapton himself, plus family, friends and collaborators. Although the focus is on his music, the documentary will delve into his personal life, from his traumatic childhood living in a “house of secrets,” through his long and difficult struggle with drugs and alcohol, and the tragic loss of his son in a devastating accident.

Zanuck says: “Clapton’s music is the foundation of our film – his commitment to the blues, its traditions and originators is absolute from his earliest days. His personal life conveys the emotional spine of the film: his damaged emotional psyche threads throughout his life, informing his art, and causing many abrupt and surprising shifts along the way. Despite the fact that his path is strewn with tragedies, addiction and loss, he never fails to regain his bearings and continue to serve what he holds dearest: his music.”

A Life In 12 Bars is expected to feature on the international festival circuit later this year and will get its home entertainment premiere on the US network Showtime in 2018.

In the meantime, Clapton fans can look forward to the release next month of a new live DVD/Blu-ray Live In San Diego With JJ Cale, which has previously only been available on vinyl and CD.