MMMmmm, doughnuts! While Homer Simpson may consider every day a doughnut day, the first Friday in June is the only one that’s officially acknowledged (d’oh!). So, we thought we’d celebrate Doughnut Day with these yummy doughie related tracks (and some sweet Homer musings)…


Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles

“Marge! We need some more vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream!”
Strawberries – they’re an absolute classic, both in aurally referenced form as above and the jam variety liberally squirted inside a doughnut.


Sally Cinnamon – The Stone Roses

“Ah, I’m just a big, toasty cinnamon bun. I never want to leave this bed. Uh oh, gotta take a whiz. Think man, think. Think, think, think… I better get up.”
OK, cinnamon doughnuts aren’t everybody’s go-to as they’re a bit plain, but they gave us an excuse to drop some Stone Roses, so yay!


Raspberry Beret – Prince

“Oh, that’s raspberry!”
We’re not sure that we can really tell the difference between strawberry jam and raspberry, but we CAN tell that this Prince classic is backwards. I like it, I like it, I like it…


Chocolate – Snow Patrol

“MMMmmm, the land of chocolate!”
A lovely song from the band that everybody dropped after they went Chasing Cars on us. But how could we not include chocolate in this list? MMMmmm…


Pineapple Head – Crowded House

“AGHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh, they’re out of hotdogs! And the coleslaw has pineapple in it! AGH! German potato salad!”
Possibly uniquely Australian, the pineapple doughnut – a fave of Norman Gunston, no less – is very nice when warmed up. Very nice Aussie band, Crowded House, too…


Apartment – Custard

“Eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding…”
Flipping to band names – well, unless people are making apartment-flavoured doughies – these Brisbane guys rocked. As do doughnuts filled with custard!


Helpless – Sugar

“In America, first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women.”
A double whammy this one, for as well as sugar being a staple in the making of doughnuts, if you keep them too long then they’ll develop (Bob) Mould!


Town Called Malice – The Jam

“Yeah, syrup is better than jelly.”
Stupid Americans calling jam “jelly”… Anyway, here in Australia they’re jam doughnuts, and the best you’ll ever get come from dodgy roadside caravans, not milk floats.


The Distance – Cake

“Cake, will you do the honour of making my stomach the happiest bag of acid in the world? You will?!”
A doughnut is a form of cake, so any excuse to include this slice of musical brilliance from California’s Cake is OK by us. Except we now want cake.


Celebrity Skin – Hole

“Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?”
C’mon, you can work this one out!

Happy Doughnut Day – and happy munching!