Hands up if you want new music? Here are five of the week’s finest, thanks to Tim “The Tune Man” Lambert.

Luca Brasi, Got To Give

Kings of Tasmania Luca Brasi are about to set off on a huge national tour and to celebrate the four-piece have released this tasty little number to hold us over until they go boonta with a new album early next year.

If you haven’t got tickets yet, see below and reconsider your priorities in life. If you do have tickets, they’ll probably play their excellent Like A Version of How To Make Gravy, don’t worry – my ear drums have only just healed over from the screams of one punter over my shoulder the last time the boys were in town.

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Wolf Alice, Yuk Foo

If you think that British group Wolf Alice has released a new song about some kind of disgusting martial arts, think again. Lead singer Ellie Rowsell describes the new track as her pent up anger. So yeah, go Yuk Fourself. The four-piece’s much anticipated second album Vision Of A Life is out September 29.

Gordi, Heaven I Know

Usually, I can find something to ramble on about, but this new tune from Sydney songstress Gordi has left me shook and short of describing words.

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Big Boi, All Night

Big Boi: Hey D.R.A.M, can I copy your homework?
D.R.A.M: Yeah, but change it a little bit.

Atlanta hip-hop legend Big Boi is about to release a new solo album – which as a huge Outkast fan, I’m hyped on – but I legitimately thought I was listening to rapper D.R.A.M when this track popped up on my phone. It’s not a bad thing though, because goddamn those keys are delicious. Have a listen below and make your mind up for yourself.

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And just for comparison…

Woodes, Run For It

I’ll see your London Grammar and raise you a Woodes. Oh look at that, I got the pocket aces.


That’s it for another week, folks. What a list! Thanks, Tim.