I didn’t think I could love Tom Hardy anymore than I already do, and then someone sends me a mixtape he recorded in his bedroom in 1999. And it’s actually quite brilliant.

Before the Dunkirk star’s acting career took off he dabbled in both modelling and rapping, later attending drama school… in the same class as Michael Fassbender, no less!

You can listen to Hardy spitting bars on 18 electronic and soul-themed hip-hop tracks entitled Falling on Your Arse in 1999 below.

The Londoner does tend to say a few nawty words while rapping, so please note the LANGUAGE WARNING with this one.

Want a music video? OK! Here’s track number 9, No Life No Love,Β filmed in 2001.

Swears in this one, soΒ LANGUAGE WARNING again, folks.

A-a-a-and, one last piece of Tom Hardy love; a beautiful snap of him with his best friend Woody (short for Woodstock), who sadly passed away last year.


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