the-blank-face-lpSchoolboy Q is a man of the people, the man of the year, and was the main man in Melbourne last night.

Festival Hall hosted the Californian musician yesterday evening, at the tail end of his The Blank Face LP tour; the curtains were up around the seating area, giving this massive venue a more intimate feel than usual. As smoke filled the room, a sea of bucket hats started getting antsy as the rapper’s start time passed. We needn’t have worried though: the Melbourne favourite went 45 minutes over his allotted time to make up for it. First off, support act DJ MackWop came out to fire up the mad punters – it didn’t take much, as he smashed his way through 2016’s biggest hip hop hits.

Groovy Tony burst onto stage and straight into Oxymoron hit Gangster; he kept straight at it, bouncing along through What They Want and Break The Bank. As the stage went quiet, Q asked for a minute of the crowd’s time. “So we have a new punk-ass president” he sighed, before covering YG’s FDT (I’ll let you Google that one), with the crowd more than happy to contribute to the sing-a-long chorus.

There was no setlist; Groovy Q instead decided what to play on the fly, based on the vibe of the crowd: “You want the old sh-t, or the new sh-t?” he screamed. The rowdy audience cried for that old stuff and Q obliged with Hands On The Wheel. He followed up with the unflinching Blank Face LP hit Groovy Tony and the Kendrick Lamar-featured Collared Greens, before a couple of covers via ASAP Ferg and Lamar.

Half an hour over his set time, Q left the stage because his “mic was cut off.” MackWop kept the crowd warm and after a brief recess, the  rapper returned for his encore. It included favourite Man Of The Year as well as That Part, which had the crowd imagining they were Kanye for 45 seconds or so. Closer Hell Of A Night left a deafening chant of “Schoolboy Q” ringing through Festival Hall.