Cosmic cowboys The Delta Riggs packed us all into their magic school bus of slinky grooves at The Corner, to celebrate the release of their excellent new album Active Galactic.

The opening slot went to Gideon Benson; the former The Preatures guitarist warmed up a growing crowd with cuts from his excellent first EP, channelling the ‘80s fuzz you’d expect from Bowie or Talking Heads.

The Delta Riggs swaggered onto stage and burst straight into Surgery Of Love, immediately demonstrating that Active Galactic’s psychedelic rush translates beautifully live. Fan favourite Supersonic Casualties followed, with frontman Elliott Hammond at his frolicking best in front of a (very) well-lubricated crowd.

It was frustrating to see parts of the audience not giving their deserved attention as the local lads tore through the set, but The Riggs fought on like the pros they are, and won the punters’ engrossment. That’s the difference between a great and a mediocre band – Les Riggs were able to turn the room.

Don’t Be Lonely and Slinging On A Saturday Night marked this turning point; the on-stage chemistry propelled these tracks to a new level. Guitarist Alex Markwell took to middle-stage for a smashing solo while bassist Michael Tramonte was tucked away at the back, though that didn’t stop his dirty lines from anchoring this set like a Super Bowl quarterback.

A raucous rendition of Rah Rah Radio gave a nod to the past before the guys closed out with personal favourite Baddest Motherf-cker In The Beehive – and that’s exactly what The Delta Riggs were this night: the cheekiest, funkiest, baddest mother-ckers in Richmond.

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