A-mee Shark! (Doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo.)

Entering the stage to the Les Mis track Do You Hear The People Sing?, Amy Shark set the scene for her belting Friday night set at Melbourne’s Forum.

The second of two sold-out shows at the venue (bless her), the Gold Coast artist performed both old favourites and a bunch of new tracks from her recently-released album Love Monster.

Opening with You Think I Think I Sound Like God and following it up with Blood Brothers, her euphoria at fans singing along to her older gear was clear. She loves being in Melbourne, and she wanted nothing more than to spend her Friday night with a bunch of drunk locals. In case you were wondering, it’s a bit of a varied crowd at a Shark gig, with both young and old of all genders present and enjoying themselves.

Dancing and smashing out guitar in front of the giant AMY SHARK letters from her Splendour set, the singer-songwriter continued into I Got You, Psycho (less Mark Hoppus, unfortunately), Leave Us Alone and The Idiot, telling us a bit about the story behind each of them. Of course, we also were treated to a Baby Shark parody, but thankfully only for about 20 seconds.

Looking out over her dominion, she couldn’t help but smile as her audience belted back some of her deepest, sincerest songs at her. Heading into Never Coming Back, Middle of the Night, and Drive You Mad, it was like the first few tracks were a warm-up. While the rest of her set had the backings of her ‘band’ on keys and drums, I’m A Liar was an entirely solo affair, and there were moments when you could hear a pin drop. Until, of course, a Teenage Dirtbag cover appears. Then you can’t hear yourself think over 2000 people simultaneously hollering the chorus, as though that were the reason they were there in the first place.

Mess Her Up, All Loved Up, and (personal favourite) Weekends were followed by an admission that Shark hates the encore charade: “I’m gonna play one last song [Weekends], go back there and have a shot of something, and then come back out here and play two more tunes for you guys.”

And that she did. We were treated to Adore and I Said Hi to finish up, and Shark departed the stage with a smile that may well have been full of 300 teeth.

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