The night before BIGSOUND is always pregnant with possibility: although most bands have yet to arrive, if you scurry out into the balmy twilight you’re still likely to stumble upon something magical.

The entire room of punters who turned out to see the pre-BIGSOUND performance of Elizabeth (Totally Mild) had absolutely no say in the communal, sensual, salamander-sway we found ourselves enacting for the whole of this remarkable performer’s set.

Having shed four of her backing bandmembers for her BIGSOUND shows, the singer-songwriter was joined by bassist Natalie Pavlovic and drummer Alana Wilson to deliver tracks from upcoming debut solo album The Wonderful World of Nature (out November 1 via Our Golden Friend).

The clarity of Elizabeth’s voice was practically alpine as she delivered lithe melodies across some beautifully candid lyrics: “Why is it so easy to forget the f-cked up things you do? I want you in every way; You don’t treat me nicely, and I’m scared I’m gonna stay,” she crooned, while accompanying herself on Korg keys. (An accomplished player, she is all over those little grace notes.) Pavlovic’s supple skills and Wilson’s proclivity for soft-headed mallets had us swooning, and when Pavlovic began to double Elizabeth’s melody on single Parties we realised we’ve been so mesmerised we didn’t even clock there hadn’t been any harmonies thickening those rapturous vocals.

“Beautiful baby, you say that I’m crazy – I think that I’m strong.” We wholeheartedly understand the sentiment and cannot wait for this magnetic woman’s debut solo album.

Elizabeth is playing The Outpost at 1pm today, for the Our Golden Friend BIGSOUND party, as well as the below slots:

Wednesday 4th Sept, 12:55pm -1:15pm @The Foundry for Grain’s MateSound Party

Thursday 5th Sept, 6:15pm – 6:45pm @ What’s Golden (The Tivoli) for Jet Black Cat’s Sonic Boom Party

Friday 6th Sept, 8:40pm – 9:10pm @ Ric’s Backyard for Official BigSound Closing Party

Saturday 7th Sept, 1pm @ Valley Fiesta at Fortitude Valley Entertainment Precinct