What are the odds that the very first band you see on the very first day of BIGSOUND is going to be the One Band That Rules ‘Em All?

Very low, I’d have thought, and yet when we walked into the Valley Drive In to kick off our 2019 BIGSOUND with the Home Welcome Party showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, we were smacked in the face with the brilliance that is Electric Fields.

This electro-soul duo are the band that should’ve won the Eurovision: Australia Decides comp (they came second), but hopefully, after these absolutely mind-blowing performances, they’ll become a household name. Vocalist Zaachariaha Fielding and keysman/producer Michael Ross create some of the most thrilling music we’ve ever heard; the energy and passion is incomparable. The pair perform in English, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara languages, and guaranteed you’ve never seen performers enjoying the stage, and one another, quite like these two.

Later on we caught nouveau-Bleeding Knees Club duo TOWNS, who certainly deserve the Banter Award. “My mum’s got Foxtel times a million,” drummer Daniel Steinert yammers to guitarist/vocalist Aston Valladares, starting the sort of adorably inane one-upmanship that only two boys who know all one anothers’ Mario Kart tricks can engage in.

Brissie electronic producer/vocalist LÂLKA was chockers with style and sass, which you gotta be expecting if you’ve heard her dope single Bang Bang – and we must admit, it feels pretty grand to shriek “I don’t give a bang” as you’re fembotting around the dancefloor.

We capped the night off with Electric Fields, whom you may remember from such articles as this very one you’re reading right now – yes, we ensured we saw these legends twice in the same day, such was their power. Here: enjoy some clips!