Oliver Hugh Perry has been making waves as D.D. Dumbo. His popularity has doubled on the release of his debut Utopia Defeated, evidenced by two sold-out Brisbane shows. STACK’s Tim Byrnes was front and centre for the first gig

Local singer-songwriter Clea opened with delicate finger-picked guitar and her husky voice, with the rest of her an attempt at pop-influenced songs and hazy folk-rock. The latter suited her more, but it’s encouraging to see a potential future star finding her feet and experimenting.

Sydney-based producer Jonti followed, impressing with a set of blissed-out electronica. It was fun to watch him dance from one part of the stage to the next as he built songs from looped guitars and laptop to sing over. His sense of fun permeates his music; disco beats and hazy synths filling us with warmth.

The sold-out crowd filled The Triffid before D.D. Dumbo’s set to the point no gaps were visible. Beginning with Walrus, Perry and his band strutted through the funky number, with Perry’s signature African-influenced guitar thrashed to the point of de-tuning: cue a less than serious muzak reading of Mr Sandman to fill the gap  – all in a night’s work. After a stomping King Franco Picasso, where Perry and a backing musician duelled – he on a clarinet, and she on the sax –  the band showed off their instrumentalchops, swapping between trumpets, bongos, glockenspiels, and more. Instruments I’d never seen or heard before helped give Perry’s music an exotic vibe.

Final song Brother’s bouncing guitar hook was met with cheers and the crowd singing along with Perry’s passionate wail. When the group wrapped up, the crowd cried for an encore, but were left disappointed when no one returned to the stage. It’s only fair Perry should call it a night; he’s an energetic performer whose every note is filled with joy, and needs to save some for the next night’s show. They deserve a rested band who will no doubt give them the same musical fun as us.

Tim Byrnes

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Friday, 23rd June — Corner Hotel, Melbourne
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