Machine Head at HQ Adelaide, Tuesday July 17, 2018

Words | Phil Short

“One thing is for certain, it will be loud!” This was the advice I was given from a young metal fan outside the Adelaide HQ complex. And he was so right!  Not only was it loud, it was bloody good.

As the house lights went down the cheers from audience rose up, roaring the familiar “Machine f-cking Head!” chant that has become their battle cry. The band were tight and they worked the jam-packed audience perfectly, getting back what they were putting out; at one point lead vocalist Robb Flynn demanded a circle pit, which is not something for the faint hearted, let me assure you – although I wish I had the courage to enter!

Machine Head last ventured to Australia back in 2015, and their fanbase just keeps growing, attracting young and old. We were treated to a three-hour, solid metal set with no let up, including songs from their recent studio release Catharsis; the album has received mixed reviews from the musical press, however the fans at HQ were all in agreement that this was worthy stuff. Highlights included a very impressive, extended drum solo from long-term member Dave McClain, which was outstanding; lead guitarist Phil Demmel also proved his chops with a blistering guitar solo.

It would be excellent to see the Californian four-piece back in Oz soon – however I think they will be requiring larger venues.