Chili Con Can’t Go Outside, Eggs-istential Crisis, Self Pie-solation: just a few of the charming vlog recipes instagram chef-sation Nat’s What I Reckon has gifted to us, along with a heavy dollop of his trademark cheek, throughout the current pandemic.

Although he was allocated a mere ten-minute keynote during BIGSOUND’s second and final day to wow us along with his sous chef, hip hop artist and savvy cultural commentator Briggs, let’s face it: Nat doesn’t need much time to grab you by the hair and convince you to join the war on jar sauce – or in this case, Woolie’s sausies.

Nat's What I Reckon and Briggs

Nat and Briggs pouring one out for some fallen snags

The fellas tasked themselves with a three-tiered sausage sizzle challenge: collecting hotdog ingredients from the very worst, very middling and very poshest food-spots in Sydney, and weighing these “mystery tubes of possible lies” against each other.

First up: Woolworth’s. The boys grab two packs of pale meat-poles along with a loaf of Wonder White (“Looks like the cast of The Bachelor,” comments Briggs) and make a detour down the Halloween decorations aisle as Farnsy’s You’re The Voice slurps from the store’s speaker system. “We’re buckling up for some heartburn here,” says Nat, as Briggs hurls a tub of ‘Table Spread’ into the shopping basket.

Next is the “hipster” store – Marrickville’s The Whole Beast – where meatman Marcus somehow convinces Briggs to chow on a raw sausage. “Would you eat these raw?” Nat asks the butcher, holding up the Woolie’s treasures. “I wouldn’t eat ’em cooked,” says Marcus.

Lastly the pair don their most chic accents as they choose lamb snags from Woolahra’s “artisan” Victor Churchill butchery.

Then it’s off to a lovely park barbecue setting with dappled light and tweeting birds, a serene scene, to which the boys’ add their beer-fuelled and cuss-filled lunch prep. We won’t spoil the final scores (rated out of 10 “sand-riches”), but suffice to say there were moments both euphoric and incredulous aplenty.

Nat's What I Reckon

Can you guess by the body language which sausages these are?

“We went on an adventure of calories and cholesterol so you don’t have to,” says Nat – and if you can’t pick up what he’s putting down, head to his instagram – @nats_what_i_reckon – to see more of the good man’s approach to making quality food easy. Meanwhile, check out Briggs’ instagram for news on new music projects, revisit his stunning AMP-, J Award- and AIR Award-winning album with Trials (as A.B. Original) Reclaim Australia, or read our interview with the pair of artists about that stunning record, right here.

BIGSOUND 2020 runs for the rest of today, with upcoming keynotes from Tones & I and Kev Carmody, plus myriad panel discussions – check out the entire schedule here.