Bryget Chrisfield gives us her tippy-top 10 moments in time from the Wild One’s Sydney Opera House gig just last night, 17/4/19.


  1. The fact that Iggy is in his 70s and no one bats an eyelid when he reclines shirtless along the lip of the Sydney Opera House stage like a stoned iguana announcing, “I’m a real wild child.”


  1. Iggy’s cover of Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand that somehow makes the song sound even more murderous, but simultaneously suave.


  1. Henry Rollins hanging out watching the show from the sound desk. Speaking to Rollins after the show, he revealed Iggy’s Australian performances are being filmed by a “very talented” Swedish director (although Rollins himself has nothing to do with the project). Rollins then added said director has worked with Iggy before, so we’re tipping it’s Bjorn Tagemose (Gutterdammerung).


  1. Iggy’s song intros/segues. “My cowriter at the time found this poem under my mattress and stole it and set it to music,” is how he introed Some Weird Sin. Leading into Passenger, Pop teased: “If I hitchhiked down the street, would you pick me up?”


  1. As we were singing along with Lust For Life, realising that we’ve been singing a misheard lyric all our lives. (Always thought it was: “Of course I’ve had it in the rear before.”)


  1. When everyone cheered during Passenger, and Iggy shooshed us.


  1. The whole former-junkie-punk-sells-out-two-nights-at-Sydney-Opera-House thing.


  1. When two front row jerks were so busy posing for a selfie that they failed to notice Iggy photobombing them.


  1. Iggy’s deliberately anxiety-inducing intro tape that called to mind the shower scene from Psycho.


  1. Understanding that Iggy is obviously the inspiration behind those wacky, arm waving, inflatable tubeman air dancer things.