On February 18th 1964, The Beatles had been in America a little over a week. They’d just released their debut album and were on their first ever tour of the country.

As part of their sight-seeing meet-and-greets, the group jetted into Miami Beach and requested time with boxer Sonny Liston; Liston was about to defend his World Heavyweight Champion title, and in the high-profile clamour to get at the star, the UK foursome were knocked back.

They were offered, however, a photo op with Liston’s opponent – the 22-year-old Cassius Clay. Shooting the breeze and goofing around in the 5th Street Gym, The Beatles and Clay posed for a series of shots.

Seven days later, The Beatles were back in London recording A Hard Day’s Night (which would go to #1 around the world in June that year), and Clay was the Heavyweight Champion of the World.