Album cover artwork for We Will Always Love You by The Avalanches, with mint-coloured vinyl record sticking outIf you’ve already read our album review of The Avalanches’ third record We Will Always Love You, and/or our feature interview with bandmember Robbie Chater, and you’re still thirsty for more… we got you.

We Will Always Love You sees The Avalanches sharing the love, with a bountiful supply of 22 featured artists gracing their latest album’s 24 tracks. Here, we’ve collected some extra quotes from our chat with Chater, in which he waxes lyrical about collabing with some of his favourite artists (and also just getting to shoot the breeze/hang with some of his all-time musical heroes).

On collabing with Perry Farrell (Oh The Sunn!):

“He was just such a beautiful person – such a beautiful, positive energy. Such a wonderful host, like, just welcoming us into his home where his studio was. And his wife Etty was there and their dogs and their kids and we ate beautiful food and recorded in bits and pieces, but also just talked for most of the afternoon and, you know, I grew up as a kid listening to Jane’s Addiction and so that was one of those moments where I’m just like, ‘I can’t believe I’m kinda doing this right now,’ haha, you know?”

On collabing with Rivers Cuomo (Running Red Lights):

“We spent time with Rivers in Melbourne and got on the same page, but he actually did the final vocals when he was in his studio at his home in California. [Running Red Lights] was based around some sampling, but then we just kept sorta laying fragments of sound and then worked with Rivers Cuomo. I’d always loved his amazing knack for a pop melody, and grew up listening to Weezer, so that was the first song we got finished [for the album] and we were on a roll from then on.”

On collabing with Denzel Curry (Take Care In Your Dreaming):

“We’d just arrived back from America and had to rush back to catch him in Sydney that day; he must’ve been doing shows actually, yeah. And that was just one of those really beautiful experiences – again, it was a song [completed] in a day – and I just spoke a little at the beginning of the session about my own personal journey, I guess, and how I was experiencing this album so far, and the way I was looking at the world, and I think I described it as a journey from sorta darkness to light. But overcoming adversity in any way is something we can all relate to, you know, difficult periods and growing as a person and coming through. And I was just sooooo humbled that he was prepared to be so vulnerable and his lyrics are actually really, really incredible, and really, really moving and it was amazing to see such a young man, actually, be prepared to be so real and vulnerable in the studio with people that he didn’t know very well. He recorded that vocal in a day and it was just incredible to watch him work.”

On collabing with Sampa The Great (Take Care In Your Dreaming):

“We just thought, ‘Who can follow [Denzel Curry]?’ And we’d loved Sampa for a long time and she’d performed at the Sydney Opera House a couple of years previous [as part of The Avalanches’ Block Party for Vivid, 2017], and we’d sort of spoken about doing something one day. She was actually in India and the album deadline was fast approaching. And she managed to grab a studio quickly and recorded her vocal over there, and she totally just took the song to the next level… There’s not a heap of people who I’m always just really, really excited – like, following say on Instagram – to see what they do next, but she’s one of those people. It’s really fantastic… She is absolutely phenomenal and when I’m speaking to people at the moment, and doing interviews overseas, they know her so I think she’s already making some big inroads internationally. I think she’s gonna have a huge next couple of years, actually.”

And while we’re here, take a gander at the full list of featured artists in order of appearance:

Orono – Blood Orange – MGMT – Johnny Marr – Leon Bridges – Sananda Maitreya – Vashti Bunyan – Perry Farrell – Cola Boyy – Mick Jones – Tricky – Jamie xx – Neneh Cherry – CLYPSO – Denzel Curry – Sampa The Great – Kurt Vile – Pink Siifu – Karen O – Rivers Cuomo – Cornelius – Kelly Moran

We Will Always Love You by The Avalanches is out now via EMI.

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