Sarah Mary Chadwick vinylSarah Mary Chadwick’s vocal delivery is one of the most convincing you’re ever going to hear – there’s almost no distance between her self and her singing voice, and her spare (but not thin) arrangements mean you feel every little papercut her heart-twisting voice inflicts.

The pianist-singer-songwriter says she’d written around 40 songs from which to assemble new 12-track LP Sugar Still Melts In The Rain, but she’s unlikely to save the scraps for later. “Ninety-nine percent of the time I wouldn’t use songs from a previous [era of writing for a new album] because they’ll probably be about different things, that I’ll hopefully at least have processed,” she laughs, “to where I’m kind of a better person!”

She may, she says, use some material for an upcoming project/performance on the 90-year-old pipe organ at Melbourne Town Hall, but Sugar Still Melts In The Rain is (like her previous three albums) a project about the emotional now.

Opener Flow Over Me, single Sugar Still Melts In The Rain and the wonderful Bauble On A Chain are all stand-outs, but closer Felt My Heart is next level. “I use pretty obvious chord progressions, so maybe I’m a little bit into the practice of having to work a bit harder to make the melodies more interesting,” she says of the track’s absolutely beautiful, repeated, dropped vocal interval (during the line “I felt my heart fly like a dart, through the dark”). “That was super annoying to sing! There was a point where I was like, ‘This song sucks, why am I even bothering?'” she laughs. “But I’m glad it worked out.”

Sugar Still Melts In The Rain is out May 11 via Rice Is Nice.

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