BIGSOUND logoBIGSOUND – Australia’s festival/conference knees-up to celebrate the best in new, homegrown music – will be upon us in QLD’s Fortitude Valley from September 3-6, 2019. In the lead-up, we’re putting a few questions to the most promising names who’ll be performing. Click here to see more chats with the acts we think will own this year’s BIGSOUND!


Immediate and eruptive, Fan Girl have discovered a fresh gratitude for life and each other after the untimely passing of bandmember and bestie Jack Wood last year. Expect an invigorating, intoxicating live run from this Melbourne five-piece.

What sets your music apart?

We are being selfish by making the music we want to listen to, and we feel like there aren’t any other bands making our particular brand of silly guitar music at the moment. Also, we may be the only Melbourne band that isn’t always late, so that is nice too.

Which movie scene would your latest single suit?

Vince would like to think it would slot nicely into a Tarantino film, but Noah disagrees, and thinks that it would be perfect for the scene in 17 Again where Zac Efron gets out of the Audi R8 wearing a tight white t-shirt and black Wayfarers, and waltzes into the high school. Take your pick.

Give us your best useless fact – about yourself, or the world.

As much as we have tried to explain it to him, Luke has no grasp on the concept of irony. Seriously, try him (help us).

What can we expect from you at BIGSOUND?

An exciting, energetic and tight live show. Also, expect us at Reverend’s bright and early every morning. We aren’t too good at sleeping in.

Which BIGSOUND acts are you looking forward to seeing?

Soo many fkn bands bro. 100, Micra, Teen Jesus, murmurmur, The Buoys, Hannah Blackburn, darvid thor, yergurl, Bakers Eddy, Poppongene, Nancie Schipper, EGOISM, Stevan, Cry Club, and too many more to mention.

What should we look out for on your post-BIGSOUND horizon?

More shows, new music, new haircuts, inevitable quarterly breakdowns. Dom is taking cooking classes too, so hopefully some nice homemade pasta.

Fan Girl play the Woolly Mammoth on Tues Sep 3 at 10.40pm, and The Outpost Thurs Sep 5 at 8.50pm.

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