BIGSOUND logoBIGSOUND – Australia’s festival/conference knees-up to celebrate the best in new, homegrown music – will be upon us in QLD’s Fortitude Valley from September 3-6, 2019. In the lead-up, we’re putting a few questions to the most promising names who’ll be performing. Click here to see more chats with the acts we think will own this year’s BIGSOUND!


Folk-pop agent Hallie took out this year’s triple j Unearthed BIGSOUND comp, which was announced just as she released one of the cutest clips of the year for her single Nice Like Rice – watch below and give in to the charm!

What sets your music apart?

I think my transparency in my lyrics and in my performance is probably my main strength, and what I find audience members connection to the most. I promise my full, uncensored self always, and I don’t try to avoid the hard conversations.

Which movie scene would your latest single suit?

Hahahah, this is very odd but my first thought was the water park scene in Grown Ups! Haha, I don’t think it relates to the lyrics much, but this song has a way of making me feel young, and Grown Ups I used to watch non-stop as a kid.

Give us your best useless fact – about yourself, or the world.

I’ll give you one about me: I’m intolerant to corn and I know no one else who is. Please speak out if you’re one of my kind, I feel very alone in this.

What can we expect from you at BIGSOUND?

Expect 100% honesty, some dancing, some slow swaying, some laughing (if you find me funny), and some magical harmonisation.

Which BIGSOUND acts are you looking forward to seeing?

SO MANY!! I’ve been a massive fan of dulcie for a while so very excited to see them. Also Kat Edwards, Jaguar Jonze, Seaside and Sycco!

What should we look out for on your post-BIGSOUND horizon?

Right after BIGSOUND on the 27th of September, I release my debut EP! So definitely a lot of new music, as well as my first East Coast tour in October!

Hallie plays Famous Nightclub on Thurs Sep 5.

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