BIGSOUND logoBIGSOUND – Australia’s festival/conference knees-up to celebrate the best in new, homegrown music – will be upon us in QLD’s Fortitude Valley from September 3-6, 2019. In the lead-up, we’re putting a few questions to the most promising names who’ll be performing. Click here to see more chats with the acts we think will own this year’s BIGSOUND!


Glam-pop and post-punk collide in a bodyslam where Johnny Hunter are concerned, with a live show that packs a giant, bright red kiss-with-a-fist.

What sets your music apart?

We’re the jock goths no one has ever seen before. Big frames and heavy hearts.

Which movie scene would your latest single suit?

Final race of Cars 2.

Give us your best useless fact – about yourself, or the world.

All members of the band own an Everybody Loves Raymond DVD box set.

What can we expect from you at BIGSOUND?


Which BIGSOUND acts are you looking forward to seeing?

Egoism, Shady Nasty, 100, FRITZ, Raj Mahal, Nerve, Obscura Hail!

What should we look out for on your post-BIGSOUND horizon?

An Australian tour with press club, 2 singles and our very own debut EP next year!

Johnny Hunter play Family on Wed Sep 4, and Crowbar on Thurs Sep 5.

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