BIGSOUND logoBIGSOUND – Australia’s festival/conference knees-up to celebrate the best in new, homegrown music – will be upon us in QLD’s Fortitude Valley from September 3-6, 2019. In the lead-up, we’re putting a few questions to the most promising names who’ll be performing. Click here to see more chats with the acts we think will own this year’s BIGSOUND!


Obscura Hail have just signed to Dot Dash/Remote Control, and they’re really something; frontman Sean Conran delivers lines like “There’s a spectrum between words like ‘f-ck’ and ‘damn’” with sweet tongue-in-cheek honesty. Conran answered our Bootcamp questions.

What sets your music apart?

I’d hope the following is more relatable than unique, since music is about communicating very human things in a palatable way. Perhaps the motive; I routinely/hastily write and record songs to externalise memory, for the sake of closure and reduction of existential anxiety. It grounds my perception of reality by mapping my past thoughts, so I guess it’s extremely personal. The method, secondly. Writing and recording are inseparable; I need an echo to respond to in order to have a conversation about what I mean, and why it’s important to preserve. Thirdly, the quantity/variety; as a result, there are so many different styles I’ve enjoyed emulating, inspired by immersion in video games, movies, or discovering relatively odd music by musicians with a bit of mystery around them.

Which movie scene would your latest single suit?

Lars and The Real GirlLars’s panic attack in his psychologists office.

Give us your best useless fact – about yourself, or the world.

I saw a spider wasp tear off all the legs of a huntsman before dropping the torso and head, still alive, at my feet. I tried to feed it to a garden bug, and it moved its fangs a bit before giving up. Cruelty of existence fact?

What can we expect from you at BIGSOUND?

Gentle harmonies, huge beats, blanketing synth waves, laughter, and maybe to find us eating hot chips on the main strip.

Which BIGSOUND acts are you looking forward to seeing?

Egoism, Gordan Koang, Darvid Thor, Cry Club, but ye’know, we might be in the right place/right time to soak in something new.

What should we look out for on your post-BIGSOUND horizon?

New music out in October, a Halloween episode, a Christmas episode, more music, more and more music, maybe you’ll see pictures of us in Europe?

Obscura Hail play The Flying Cock on Tues Sep 3.

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