BIGSOUND logoBIGSOUND – Australia’s festival/conference knees-up to celebrate the best in new, homegrown music – will be upon us in QLD’s Fortitude Valley from September 3-6, 2019. In the lead-up, we’re putting a few questions to the most promising names who’ll be performing. Click here to see more chats with the acts we think will own this year’s BIGSOUND!


Sophie Treloar is POPPONGENE, curator of the sort of deeply captivating indie-pop which bathes you in phosphorescence and whose messages linger in your synapses long, long after the final chords have fluttered away.

What sets your music apart?

We play thoughtful, narrative-driven fem-pop songs that are witty, sweet, heart-breaky, mildly sassy, self-affirming and fun. If you like hidden autobiographical secrets in songs, you’ll love Poppongene.

Which movie scene would your latest single suit?

I reckon Eternally Alone would suit a 2019 version of 10 Things I Hate About You. Maybe we could play at the Prom or on the roof during the credits (hello actual dream).

Give us your best useless fact – about yourself, or the world.

Fact: David Spade almost ran me over in his giant SUV about 10 years ago.

What can we expect from you at BIGSOUND?

Hopefully as much calm energy as possible – I’m absolutely bringing my oil diffuser. But you can mainly expect giddy excitement and fun new songs. Maybe some glittery stage props (undecided).

Which BIGSOUND acts are you looking forward to seeing?

Dianas (love u), The Buoys, Butter, Stellie, imbi the girl, PINCH POINTS, DRMNGNW, Mermaidens, Hannah Blackburn.

What should we look out for on your post-BIGSOUND horizon?

Post-BIGSOUND our debut EP will be released! And fingers crossed we’ll play some cheeky spring/summer festival slots too.

Poppongene plays Empire Hotel on Wed Sep 4, and Ivory Tusk on Thurs Sep 5.

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