bullet for my valentine gravityBullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck explains how observing his own mindset, and its lapses and successes, informed the writing of new album Gravity.

Now 12 years into the game and up to their sixth studio album, Welsh metalcore act Bullet For My Valentine have made a very calculated effort to ensure the weight of a hugely successful international career doesn’t impede their ability to evolve – although frontman Matt Tuck admits they do keep one eye on the past. “I think the whole thing behind this new record was moving forward into the future, and always respecting and taking into consideration the history of the band,” the guitarist and vocalist says. “Gravity [is] a massive evolution, a progression of the band’s creative songwriting force. Eyes are set on the future.”

First single Over It describes a protagonist exhausted with a self-destructive partner – a message echoed in many different places on the album, including The Very Last Time (“I’ve put myself through this for the very last time”). Tuck says it’s a situation he’s come to know too well. “I think everyone’s guilty of holding on to things, because they mean something to them – whatever it may be in life,” he says. “But ultimately, letting go of something, not putting yourself through something that causes you mental stress, is quite a profound, liberating thing. I’m human like everyone else is, and I experience things in life like everyone else, regardless of what people may think of me because of what I do as a career. That kind of encompasses what this album’s about – it’s a very real album. It’s a very pure, from-the-heart album about me, what I’ve been through, where my head’s been at. Hopefully people can connect to it in a far more emotional way than they’ve ever done on a Bullet record before.”

The album includes lots of thoughtful details, such as the beating bass pulses in Under Again and the more complicated rhythms within the propulsive Piece Of Me. “Everything you hear is deliberate,” says Tuck. “Everything was put in a place for a reason – how we felt it enhanced the track, how it made us feel. A lot of time and effort goes into it, and nothing was rushed. If we needed to spend just a day on that, that’s what we would do, on this record. It was kind of a love affair, with this album.”

Gravity is out June 29 via Search And Destroy/Spinefarm Caroline.

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