Album cover artwork for 360 with blue vinyl record popping outThe 10th anniversary vinyl reissue of Melbourne rapper 360’s gargantuan LP Falling & Flying is out now. In between eps of his ace RAPPERTAG vid series, ‘Uncle 6’ answered our questions.

To so many Aussie hip hop fans, you demolished barriers between rap, pop and indie, and truly paved the way for crossover success. It seems easy for us to see that now, but you’ve said that at the time you weren’t sure your style would be accepted. How do you explain working through fear, and the motive that made you say, ‘f-ck it’?

I wanted to push the envelope and try a a new sound, but was going through an internal conflict of not wanting to look like I was ‘selling out’; after a while I realised that I had to just do what I wanted to do – if I liked what I was making then that’s all that mattered. It took a long time, but I’m glad I reached that point.

Falling & Flying boasted seven (hit) singles out of 14 tracks. That is ridiculous by any standards. Are there any tracks that have floated higher in your esteem since the album’s release that maybe weren’t singles at the time?

My favourite songs are the more personal ones like I Hope You Don’t Mind, Broken Wings and Miracle In A Costume, but I also grew to love the fun vibe in Hammerhead – looking back, I think we could’ve put Hammerhead out as a single, haha!

Back at the end of last year when you released your video “Why I’ve been so quiet this year”, it was striking how you were able to acknowledge how nervous you were, you even pointed out the tremor in your own voice and hands. Is this something you’ve learned how to do, over time, as a kind of tool?

It’s so bizarre how I can play a show to thousands of people and thrive off the nerves, yet when I do any form of public speaking, even if it’s to a few people, I get so nervous. It’s something I can’t hide, ‘cos you can hear it clearly in my voice when I talk. For some reason when I just own it and say, “I’m feeling pretty nervous right now,” it tends to help for some reason.

What shone through your recent remarks about the four months you spent in rehab was your massive appreciation for the people you met, and taking a difficult journey in tandem with them. Is part of the rehab schedule to deliberately put you in immersive, intensive situations like this? (I can imagine plenty of people who go into rehab find it super hard to interact with anyone or open up at all.)

As much as going to rehab is a nightmare and really hard, you also meet some amazing people and have an absolute ball, even through the struggles. At first most people have their guard up, but after a while you have to learn to let go, and run with the program. Talking about your issues is such a healthy thing to do; it helped me so much when I was there. One thing that stands out when going to rehab is how addiction does not discriminate. There were people from all walks of life there, with all sorts of addictions.

You’ve been streaming on Twitch – playing music, chatting, playing games. JB’s games cohort will be dying to know which games are you loving at the moment?

It’s been a while since I’ve been playing any games, as I’ve been so busy with music. When I do play though it’s either Red Dead Redemption 2, Mass Effect or The Witcher 3.

We’re so excited for this gorgeous blue-coloured vinyl reissue of Falling & Flying! Which classic hip hop records would you like to see reissued on some primo 180gram wax?

Thanks, I’m excited too! I’d love to get Enter the Wu-Tang and Nas’ Illmatic on some snazzy, shmick-looking discs 🙂

Falling & Flying (in limited edition blue vinyl) by 360 is available at JB Hi-Fi now.

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