high-times-for-low-livesThe Griswolds’ High Times For Low Lives refuses to conform to any particular genre, and that’s exactly what the group were gunning for.

“There wasn’t really anything we were trying to do, genre-wise,” says frontman Chris Whitehall. “We wanted to steer clear from this second release just being Be Impressive Volume 2. We wanted to be creative and to be influenced by anything and everything. There are songs on there that sound like old school funk, and R’n’B, and even hip hop. Then there’s [lead single] Out Of My Head, which is still an anthem rock song at heart.”

One of our top picks is You Don’t Love Me – turns out it’s about Chris pining after an elusive tryst. “All of these songs are telling little stories from the last few years of my life, and my relationship status at that point,” he says. “On You Don’t Love Me, I’d just met this fantastic woman and I fell in love with her after a one night stand,” he laughs, “which is a pretty rare thing. She didn’t want a bar of it – there I was trying to take her out for dinner and see her more and being needy, and she wasn’t having any of it. Not interested.”

The record was brought together with the help of Andrew Dawson, a producer who’s worked with the likes of Kanye and Gambino. According to Chris, he’s always been someone The Griswolds have wanted on board. “Every time we make an album, we make a shortlist of the people we want to work with. Us being huge fans of Kanye’s stuff, we had [Dawson] on our list. He heard all our demos and came back to us: ‘I need this album – I have to have it. I don’t want to just mix it, I want to produce the whole thing.’” They were stunned – for the band, it was like working with royalty. “It was kind of scary as well. We’re pretty touchy with that kind of stuff because we usually do a lot of the production ourselves. But it ended up being the right move – we got into the studio and it was a dream come true. He was so open to ideas – even the craziest idea could be experimented on. I guess he had a trial by fire working with Kanye – apparently he’s one of the hardest people to work with.”

Chris was listening to a bit of everything to draw inspiration for new tracks: “Prince and Michael Jackson are all over the album. Tame Impala’s Currents is my favourite album on the planet at the moment. The Weeknd… Marvin Gaye… Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly. All those influences were just seeping into us subconsciously, and it all came out in the album.”

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