King Parrot Ugly ProduceA lone man walks along a grimy ‘burban street, mashing a hotdog into his face. As he’s heckled and abused by geriatric passers by, he ducks his face in sorrow, so that the enormous black phallus strapped to his forehead droops as sadly as a Seaworld orca’s dorsal fin.

“There was mention, ‘We’re going to get you to wear a dildo on your head,’” says bassist Slatts (Matthew Slattery) of his starring role in King Parrot’s Ten Pounds Of Sh-t In A Five Pound Bag clip. “I’m like, ‘Yeah cool, that sounds hilarious.’ As it got a bit closer… I probably didn’t feel as comfortable as I did previously about it. That said, I’m a man of my word, so eventually it just became a typical representation of what I am every day, which is a d-ckhead.”

As the song heats up into a propulsively spat chorus from frontman Youngy (Matthew Young), Slatts is revealed to be the gimp at the S&M dungeon the geriatric fellas visit. Slatts says he learned a very useful lesson from clip director Dan Farmer that day. “The thing I took away – ‘cause I try to take something away from everything I do in life – is that Dan had actually brought the hotdogs along in a thermos. Great way to keep your hotdogs warm, kids – I had fresh dogs all day.”

Ten Pounds Of Sh-t is one in a collection of 10 typically explosive grindcore tracks on new album Ugly Produce; the ARIA-nominated five-piece assembled the record on the road, “sharing riffs any way possible”, then planning time away together to write. Slatts says it’s his favourite of the guys’ three albums to date. “It’s a bit more punky, I suppose – dirty,” he says. “I’ve always liked music that has hairs on it. You can hear mistakes – that’s f-cking cool. It’s certainly representative of our show and the people that we are. Just mistakes.” And it works because of the enduring respect shared between these long-time mates, as well as the wish to keep evolving. “Youngy’s very mindful and astute around that area,” Slatts says. “He’s constantly looking at ‘How do we do what we do better, while still remaining who we are?’”

Youngy can ruminate on that, while Slatts has other things to not think about. For example, the tracklist. “It’s so important, and it’s important, Zoë, to someone else. Not me. I love writing music. I love performance. I love people looking at me. But after that, f-ck, I don’t know. I don’t know sh-t. Makes me a great interview person. Then Youngy goes, ‘What did you f-ckin’ say that for, man?’”

Ugly Produce is out September 22 on CD, black and orange splatter vinyl, and ‘Box Of Sh-t’ boxset via EVP Recordings.

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